Day 31 - Day of the Dead

Thursday, October 31, 2013 Jason Weitzel 0 Comments

For the last movie in our month of #undeadOctober, we decided to go with one of the classics. We watched Day of the Dead. We figured that it only made sense to watch this one after watching dawn, night, Shaun, evil, and land. This one might be a little slow, but it should be on everyone's list as a great classic.

The movie centers around a group of survivors who are hidden away in a military bunker. There is not many of them left and the few who are alive are trying to research the zombies more. Well, the ones that are researchers are anyway. The others are just there to be jerks and don't seem to have any plan at all. What makes this one so great is when the bad guys all get it in the end.

Another thing that is great about this movie is the wide variety of zombies. In the end, you see clown, ballerina, cook, police, fireman, and even football player zombies. The amount of extras in this movie was quite an undertaking and I think it really paid off. Watching the huge number of different looking zombies storm the military complex is pretty awesome.

The zombies are pretty run of the mill, except for one thing. They are able to remember some things about their previous life and retain the ability to think and reason, but to a much smaller amount than normal. One zombie in particular is shown to be able to shave and use a walkman. To me, these zombies seem more realistic because they still have some of their humanity left.

As for my normal zombie review, there isn't much to talk about because we learned almost nothing about the zombies. We did, however, get to see what might happen to the human race if put into the situation. Some of them became power hunger and cared little for the survival of the human race overall. Others became lost in their work and hoped to find a cure. While still others became mad and hoped to find a way to control the zombies or find a way to domesticate them.

I give this movie a 4/5 because it is a good movie, but it is a bit slow. It does have my favorite death scene though as one of the military guys is ripped in half near the end. His comment to the zombies is that they should "choke on it" which is pretty awesome.

Zombie Summary:
- Creation: Bite from infected
- Origin: Unknown
- Infection type: Unknown
- Speed of Zombie: Slow
- Destruction: Headshot
- Causes end of the world: Yes

And that concludes my last review for the month of #undeadOctober. We had a really great time doing this and we only missed one day all month. We had so much fun that we might just have to do this again next year!