Day 29 - Shaun of the Dead

Tuesday, October 29, 2013 JCWEITZEL 0 Comments

Tonight's movie was one that I have seen a few times before. It is one that every zombie lover should see and I plan on watching it many more times. It is an all around good movie with lots of solid jokes in it and it still manages to sneak in a lot of blood and gore too.

Not sure what to say about this one since everyone reading this has either already seen it or needs to be going to watch it right now. Seriously, go watch it right now. What are you waiting for?

The story is not about zombies, but is in fact about people. People who are just trying to live their crummy lives, well, until the zombies show up anyway. Then they have to make a plan, work together, and find a way to survive. One of the best things about this movie is the fact that the zombies pose almost no threat to anyone. As long as everyone can work together and avoid silly mistakes then everyone should be just fine. The problem is that the characters are real screw ups and have not really gotten their life figured out yet so fighting a hungry horde of zombies is a little too much for them.

The history behind the zombies is purposely kept vague and so is the area that is affected. The zombies are weak, slow, and not very bright. They basically walk around very slowly and moan a lot. The nature of the zombies give the characters lots of time to plan and discuss what they will do next. This also gives the viewer lots of time to think about what they would do in the same situation, which is part of the fun. I think almost everyone watching this movie will start thinking of their "zombie plan."

In summary, I would give this one a 5/5 because it has everything that a good movie should have. Lots of character conflict, both with other people and themselves. Lots of blood and gore as both zombies and survivors are killed. There is also an ongoing love story or what could even be considered a love triangle. Really it just means there is a lot going on and lots of little inside jokes hidden all over the place. I highly recommend this movie even if you are not that big into zombie movies.

Zombie Summary:
- Creation: Bite from infected
- Origin: Unknown
- Infection type: Unknown
- Speed of Zombie: Slow
- Destruction: Headshot
- Causes end of the world: No

We are almost finished with #undeadOctober. Only two more left so make sure to check back tomorrow for another zombie review.