Day 26 - Evil Dead 2

Saturday, October 26, 2013 JCWEITZEL 0 Comments

We are winding down on our crazy month of #undeadOctober. Tonight was another sequel to one that we watched earlier in the month, Evil Dead. I liked the first one enough, but Evil Dead 2 felt like it was missing something to me. I think it was mainly a bunch of closeups on Ash (Bruce Campbell) and it didn't focus enough on the zombies. It might have made more sense to just pretend that the first one didn't happen since this one basically restarts the story.

Since this one didn't have much of the zombies at all, I really don't have a lot to do in terms of my zombie review. Instead I will just give my opinion of the movie. On Netflix, it was under comedy and cult classic, which is right where it needs to be. It does have a few really funny scenes, but there isn't enough surprises to make it a great movie. It also seemed like they only added in characters so they could quickly be killed. Since they didn't spend anytime on character development, it felt like you had no connection to them.

I was also not a big fan of the way the zombieness/possession worked in this one compared to the last. It seemed like the evil thing could just take over anyone it wanted. They didn't necessarily have to go into the woods, do something stupid, read ancient text, or even die. I know this movie was just created to be funny and all, but it just didn't have enough story for me. I would give it a 3/5, but only for the cult classic aspects of it. If you only just barely liked the first one then you should skip this one altogether. I don't think I will be watching it again anytime soon.

Hope you are enjoying reading my zombie reviews. Not many more left so make sure to let me know if there is a movie you would like us to watch before the month is up.