Day 20 - The Return of the Living Dead

Sunday, October 20, 2013 JCWEITZEL 0 Comments

For tonight's movie we watched The Return of the Living Dead, which is a bit of a cult classic. The story claims to tie into the Night of the Living Dead, but it is a very loose tie in. That doesn't really matter much though because this movie can still stand on it's own and you don't need to have seen the other one to know what is going on. The only problem with this movie is that it isn't for kids at all because there is a lot of nudity. By a lot, I mean that a girl walks around completely naked for over half of the movie, so seriously, don't let your kids watch this one.

The catch phrase for this movie is, "They're back from the grave and ready to party." The problem I have with that is that the zombies aren't there to party at all. They are just there for the brains. Sorry, I mean Brraiiiinnnsss. The movie has a lot of cheesy acting, dialog, and story elements, but all that does is enhance the movie. There are so many laugh out loud parts in this one. We watched this with some friends and that makes it even better.

The story behind the zombies in this one is that the first movie was just a coverup. The real accident went down differently and the military to decided to just box everything up and cover up the whole story. A couple of guys end up accidentally opening the barrels containing the zombies and everything goes wrong from there. The barrels end up containing a very famous zombie who, in cult circles, is known as Tarman. Here is a picture of him asking for his favorite meal, Brraaaiiiinnnsss.
This movie really is just silly so it is hard to take the zombies serious. It is interesting, however, that the zombies are so smart. They are also able to survive being cut into pieces and can still speak and think as long as they have about half of their body. They hunger for brains because it is the only thing that reduces the pain of being dead. It also appears that eating live brains helps them recover a bit of their humanity, but the subject isn't touched on much.

In the end, the zombies end up being very dangerous since they are nearly immortal and can not easily be destroyed. Even if they are destroyed, their remains can still be used to create more zombies so removing the zombie threat permanently is very difficult.

Now for my quick zombie review.

Zombie Summary:
- Creation: Unknown
- Origin: Night of the Living Dead accident
- Infection type: Multiple methods (water, bites, dust, gas)
- Speed of Zombie: Normal
- Destruction: Nuke
- Causes end of the world: Very likely

This was a fun one so we are probably going to watch part II of it later this week. We are not sure how many more in this series we will watch since we are trying to see how many different kind of zombie movies there are out there. Keep checking back for more #undeadOctober.