Day 17 - Planet Terror

Thursday, October 17, 2013 JCWEITZEL 0 Comments

I don't think we could watch a month of zombie movies without watching tonight's movie, Planet Terror. What happens when you take a bunch of high dollar actors and stick them into a cheesy zombie movie with almost no plot? Well, you get a cheesy movie with almost no plot. What did you think you would get?

Even though the movie has quite a few ridiculous spots, it is still a fun movie to watch. There are lots of explosions for almost no reason and the zombies explode with a cartoon amount of blood. As long as you don't take the movie too serious, I would recommend this one as one to watch. If you are like me and spend your time over analyzing movies then you will probably be very frustrated with this one.

Like I said in my last article, I am not here to bash movies, especially ones that are fun to watch. But I do need to say one thing. Seriously, there is no way that gun/leg thing would work. There is so many things wrong with that!! The biggest being that she has no way to pull the trigger!!! AAAHHHH!

Ok, now that I got that out of my system, it is time to talk about the zombies. They are created by a military project and the infection causes a wide range of symptoms. Once infected, they would quickly show signs of being infected with "everything" and eventually go mad. The zombies in this movie also take on a different look than most zombies because the infection causes large pus pockets to grow all over their bodies. It really gives the zombies in this movie their own look since the pockets are way oversized for their bodies.

The other symptoms of the infection are increased strength, speed, and resistance to pain. Based on what the scientist says, it was created to destroy the population of a whole continent. I am going to assume that it means the zombies eventually die off on their own. One last thing worth mentioning is that the infection also does give the zombies a hunger for brains since they take the time to rip open heads and eat them when possible.

Zombie Summary:
- Creation: Exposure to zombies or military gas
- Origin: Military Experiment
- Infection type: "Everything"
- Speed of Zombie: Range between slow and fast
- Destruction: Similar to a normal human
- Causes end of the world: Yes

If you have not seen this one then you should check it out. Just remember to not take it too serious because it definitely doesn't take itself too seriously. And don't forget to check back for more #undeadOctober reviews.