Adventure in the city of wishes - The Pit

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The following is the story of our adventures in a game of D&D. The number in the party may shrink or grow but that never stops us from having a great game. Please enjoy our random adventuring and feel free to leave comments on what you think the party should face next.

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As soon as the party reached the floor of the cell, the guard pulled the rope ladder back out. Calling it a holding cell, however, is not giving it the justice it deserves. The pit, as the prisoners called it, had very little in common with a simple cell in a prison. That is because it wasn't meant to just hold a person until it was time for them to be released like in a normal prison. People placed into the pit knew that they would never see the light of day again.

The party could hear the guards laughing above. “What about our supplies?” Waaagh yelled to them.

This caused another long laugh from the guards above. “You mean these?” one yelled as he held up a bag of supplies belonging to Waaagh. Not waiting for a response, the guard tossed them down into the center of the pit and into the large hole there. The party watched as the rest of their supplies followed. Soon they could hear the guard's laugh growing faint as they moved back down the hallway and away from the holding cell.

The party looked around and found that they were standing on the side of a large circular room, which had a large hole in the center of it. This gave the prisoners only about 10 feet worth of land to stand on without getting too close to the hole. The walls and floor were damp, but it didn't smell like water. Instead, it smelt like a mixture of feces, sweat, and blood.

Around them, the empty eyes of other prisoners studied them carefully, as if weighing them. Their ragged clothes hung loosely on them and they looked dirty and malnourished. All except for one that is. The one that stood out was a large orc who was sitting just to the party's right. He looked to be a half breed of some sort, the party guessed with a giant based on his size. Even sitting down, he stood almost as tall as some of the members of the party. The orc watched them curiously, but his eyes did not show the same weariness that many of the others in the room displayed. The party watched him cautiously, noticing that almost everyone stayed a back from him as if they feared him.

They had been standing against the wall, too afraid to move when the party finally decided to break the silence. “So.. Um.. How is everyone tonight?” Journey asked.

Most of the pits inhabitants moved away from his voice. Journey, not one to be deterred, continued by introducing himself. He explained that he had been wrongfully imprisoned. The rest of the party soon joined with acknowledgements that they too had been wrongfully imprisoned. It turned out that all 4 of them had been arrested at the King's Carnival and even stranger still, they had all had a dream the night before telling them to go.

Each party member described a similar experience where a dragon disguised as an old man approached them and tested them to see if they were pure of heart. He had then explained that each of them was to go to the carnival where the beginning of a great journey would take place.

Journey was the most upset by what had happened at the carnival. He explained that he had been taken into custody by the King's guards after passing wind near a nobleman. Ari'el laughed and explained that she had done something a little worse than Journey. She had decided it would be a good idea to try to pickpocket members of the crowd. After failing her first attempt, she was quickly captured.

Poppy told the party that the guards had arrested her after she had taken candy from a small child. After hearing her story, the group turned to stare at her in disbelief. “What? What does a baby need with a big piece of candy anyway?” she responded. The party shook their heads and tried not to think about what she had done.

Waaagh was the last one to tell the party his story. He told them that all he had done was walk across the street to reach a food vendor. The guards had explained that he had been Jaywalking, even though he argued that he did no such thing, especially since such a thing had not been invented yet.

With their stories of their recent past finished, the party decided to focus on the problem at hand, which was how to escape. The other prisoners had sat in silence while the party told their stories. The large orc had even clapped his hands and smiled cheerfully during their stories. The party was starting to get a feeling that something wasn't right with him.

Waaagh stepped forward and said, “Is there anyone that can help us get out of here?”

To their surprise, a woman leaned forward and replied, “oh, I can help you pretty boy.” The party looked at the woman closer and noticed that, while at one time she might have looked good, the time in the pit had marred her beauty. Her skin was stretched tight and her hair was matted and tangled. They could see that she was missing multiple teeth and her eyes looked at them with a deep emptiness. She began to crawl towards Waaagh and said, “Just come closer pretty boy.”

Waaagh moved backwards in disgust as the woman moved closer. “Um, no thank you mam,” he said. This caused her to smile even more, though the smile didn't touch her eyes. As she crawled closer, however, she moved too close to the edge of the large hole in the center of the room. She lost her footing and fell into the chasm with a scream, which continued for what felt like minutes and she tumbled deeper into the blackness. The scream ended abruptly as she reached the bottom.

The large orc clapped his hands in an infantile manner and said, “Lady go splat. Again! Again!” The party ignored the strange orc.

“You know, if you really want out of here, maybe I can help,” a man's voice said.

The party looked towards the source of the voice to see a man who they had not noticed before. He was sitting on a ledge that was along a large crack in the wall. He looked better fed but his body and clothes still looked as ragged as the other prisoners.

“And who might you be?” Journey asked.

“Name's Ralph. But that isn't important right now. If you want to get out of here then you need to act quick,” Ralph replied.

“Why is that?” asked Ari'el.

“Because it was no accident that you were thrown down here,” Ralph explained.

The group looked at one another in confusion. Journey stepped forward and replied, “What would you know about that?”

“Oh, I know a lot of things. I know that this town holds a lot of secrets. I am betting that you four were not the only ones having visions last night. Based on your stories, the king put you in here for a reason, most likely because he wants you dead.”

“What do you know about our visions old man?” Waaagh replied. The party could see that his half orc blood was beginning to boil and motioned for him to remain calm.

“Well you see, I had one myself. In the dream, a friend of yours asked me to help you out. He gave me a message that he said would solve all of your problems.”

“And that was?” Ari'el asked.

“All you have to do is jump,” Ralph replied with a smile as he pointed a finger lazily at the hole. “Now if you don't mind, I am going to get a little shut eye,” he added as he lay down on the ledge.

“Jump? What does he think we are? Idiots!? This all sounds like a trap to me,” Waaagh said.

The party decided to talk it over for a bit. Weighing their options, they decided that they didn't have much choice. Although, none of them could figure out how they would survive the fall, it looked like they would have to jump. They decided that they would just have to risk it since staying where they were seemed even more dangerous.

Before leaving, they decided to convince the large orc, who they learned was named Vonk, to come with them. He agreed to help the party after very little discussion. During the discussion, the party realized that he was a few swords short of an armory, but that he would be a big help if they got into a fight.

The party, along with Vonk, stood around the hole and looked into the darkness below. They couldn't make out any sign of the floor below and had no way of knowing how far they would fall. All they knew is that their visions had all send them here for a reason and that it couldn't just be coincidence.

After a count to three, they leapt together into the darkness.