Adventure in the city of wishes - Into The Below

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This is chapter 2 from Adventures in the city of wishes. I am not sure what I am going to do with this story when it is finished, but for now I am just having fun writing it. I will be posting it on Wattpad and on this website.

The party fell into the darkness below, immediately regretting their decision to jump. They could not see the bottom but they could feel the air flowing past them as they fell faster and faster. Suddenly they could hear the voice of the old man they had all seen in their dreams speaking to them.

“Now that you are dead, according to everyone in the town, you will be free to begin your adventure unheeded. I have one last gift for you but then you are on your own. Good luck in your journey,” the voice of the old man said.

The party could feel a strange stir in the air as if it became thicker. Their decent began to slow and they all began to feel in more control. Vonk was the only one who didn't relax more, but that is mainly because he never realized he should be worried in the first place.

It wasn't long before the party found firm ground beneath their feet. The Magus muttered to himself and a bright light sprang to life in his outstretched hands. To the party's horror, they found themselves standing on top of a pile of bones that appeared to have been picked clean. The good news was that their supplies had been miraculously unharmed from the fall. The body of the women who had entered the hole before them, however, appeared to be missing.

Vonk began searching the pile of bones while the rest of the group studied the room they had fallen into. The falls were made of stone and the floor had once been covered with stone tiles which were not cracked and weathered. Leading from the room were three separate hallways, none of which looked particularly inviting.

“Anyone know which way we should go?” Journey asked.

Waaagh, the Magus stepped forward and said “I have an idea.”

“Why don't we just pick a direction at random?” asked Ari'el.

“So no one has a map or anything?” asked Journey with a confused look on his face.

“I said, I have an idea!” emphasized Waaagh.

The party turned to Waaagh, surprised by his sudden outburst. They remained silent, waiting for him to speak.

Waaagh raised his other hand up and said, “I cast detect magic.” There is a flare of energy in his hand that swirls and dances to an invisible force. After a moment Waaagh said, “I sense a large source of magic energy down that hallway.” He pointed in the direction of one of the hallways which caused the whole party to turn and look in that direction.

“Good enough for me. Let's go,” Journey said. The rest of the party nodded in concurrence.

“Vonk ready,” said Vonk who was smiling cheerfully. He had found a large bone from the pile that would be suitable to use as a weapon. He stood nearby tapping the large bone in the palm of his hand.

“Alright, let's go this way then,” Ari'el said as she gestured to the hallway Waaagh had recommended.

The party reached the next room after walking down the dark corridors. Multiple members had decided to light torches since there did not seem to be a light source in the area. As they moved further down the hallway, they could hear the sounds of creatures noisily eating something. They cautiously entered the next room through an open doorway.

Inside the room they can see a large statue of a woman holding a large bowl. In front of the statue, lay the body of the woman they had seen fall into the hole. Or what was left of her anyway. Kneeling around her and enjoying their dinner were three human zombies.

“Oh, Oh, we should sneak up on them,” said Ari'el the rogue. The sound of her voice caused the zombies to lift their heads and look towards the party. Upon seeing fresh prey, they moved to their feet and shambled towards the party.

“So much for the element of surprise,” Journey said as he walked forward. He raised his quarterstaff to the first zombie and began hitting the creature repeatedly in the chest.

Poppy, the party's witch, stepped up and attempted to cast a spell on the zombies, but it fizzed and had no effect. Vonk and Waaagh charged forward attacking a second zombie who was just about to reach Journey. Ari'el went for the third, attacking quickly with her daggers.

“How the heck do you hurt these things?” Journey called out after seeing that his staff was having almost no effect.

“My great sword is working fine,” Waaagh said as he cut the zombie's last arm off.

Vonk continued to smash at the body with the large bone he was using as a weapon. “Vonk got it! Vonk got it!” he yelled.

Journey took a step back and readied his scimitar for the next attack from the zombie. Ari'el slowly killed the zombie she was fighting by cutting small pieces off, one at a time. When Waaagh saw that Journey was having trouble he moved around the back of the zombie. The zombie turned away from Journey to look at his new opponent giving Journey the opportunity to rend the zombie's head from his shoulders.

With the zombies defeated, the party congratulated themselves for a good fight since they had sustained almost no wounds. They searched the bodies but were unable to find anything useful. After checking for loot, they turned their attention to the large statue along the edge of the room.

Waaagh stood for a moment in from of the statue and pondered. “I have never seen this statue before. Does anyone know anything about it?” he said.

“Hmmm… No I don't think I um… oh wait. Yes this is the statue of the Lady who must not be named.” Journey said.

“And who is that?” Ari'el asked.

“Well that is kinda the point. Lets just say that saying her name can effect your Luck.” Journey replied.

"So, you mean like Lady Luck?" Ari'el said. Journey responded by slapping the palm of his hand to his forehead.

“So what do we do with the statue is the real question,” Poppy interjected before the two could continue.

“Do you think this is an offering bowl of some kind? Like maybe we should put something in it?” Waaagh asked the group.

“What if we just put Vonk in the bowl?” Journey said confidently.

“That isn't what I meant but maybe that would work. We don't really need him right?” Waaagh said.

The party shrugged their shoulders and agreed to putting Vonk into the bowl on the statue. Vonk, thinking it was a game, agreed and happily climbed into the bowl. The party stood and watched, waiting for something to happen. Vonk became anxious and began to jump up and down in the bowl.

There was a loud crack and the arms of the statue broke off, which caused Vonk to crash to the floor. The bowl couldn't handle his weight and it shattered.

The party agreed that the most logical thing to do was hide the broken arms behind the statue and cover the broken bowl with sand. Then they nonchalantly strolled out of the room and headed to their next adventure.