Adventures in the city of wishes - Vonk's new Armor

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After multiple fights without finding a good supply of loot, the party had finally found a room they liked. Sitting in the middle of the room was a large metal chest. The party agreed that it was large enough to hold multiple suits of armor and excitedly moved closer to examine it.

“What if it is trapped?” Poppy asked.

“I guess I could try looking for any,” Journey said as he leaned down to examine the chest.

“Shouldn't I be the one to do it?” asked Ari'el.

“I think I could take a look too,” Waaagh added.

This sparked an argument among all of the party members on who would be the best one to check for traps on the chest since no one had any significantly better luck checking for the other traps they had encountered so far. In the end, they decided that it wouldn't matter because whoever looked would probably do something to screw it up anyway. They instead decided to just tell Vonk there was something special in the chest for him and that he should open it.

The party moved towards the edge of the room as Vonk approached the chest. Poppy was ducking in a corner trying to make herself small in case something shot out. Journey was heroically standing behind Waaagh, who stood watching without much concern on his face.

Vonk walked up to the chest and tried to open it. The lock only held for a single tug before it broke lose and rattled to the floor. The lid of the chest flew open and there was a bright light from inside the chest. The party watched as purple smoke began to fill the chest and slowly creep out onto the floor.

“What this?” Vonk asked, leaning in closer. The smoke suddenly changed shape and became solid. “Aaahhhh! Rats!” Vonk screamed.

Suddenly the chest and surrounding area was covered in rats. They were crawling over one another in a mound that quickly began to scramble up Vonk. Vonk began to dance around the room trying to brush the rats off him but it was no use. They had found their way into his clothes and in response, Vonk began to hit himself with his own weapon.

The rest of the party was too stunned to move. As they watched, Vonk's clothes began to drip from his own wounds and those of the rats covering him. Journey was the first one to come to his senses. He reached into his pack and pulled out his newly filled flask of Holy Vodka.

“Sorry buddy but this might sting a bit,” Journey called as he tossed the flask at Vonk.

The flask exploded, sending electricity coursing through Vonk and his attackers. Soon the rest of the party joined in and began throwing their flasks as well. The sound of Vonk screaming and hundreds of rats dying filled the air.

Eventually the sounds ended and as the party watched, the bodies of the rats turned back into smoke and then dispersed into the air. This left a badly wounded and soaking wet Vonk standing in the middle of the room.

Journey pulled something else out of his backpack and walked up to Vonk. “Sorry about that buddy. If you drink this, it will make you feel all better,” he said.

Vonk took the flask and took a drink. By the time he had finished it, his wounds had already begun to knit back together.

“Vonk feel much better now,” Vonk said. He handed the empty flask back to Journey.

With the danger passed, the party turned back to see what was inside the chest. They were happy to find a few bags of coins and gems, but they did not find the suits of armor they were looking for. The only piece of armor was a small helmet from a set of full plate armor. Journey examined it first and decided that there wasn't anything useful he could do with it. He held it out to the party and asked, “Does anyone want this? Looks pretty useless by itself.”

“Vonk want! Vonk want hat!” Vonk said. He dashed forward and took the helmet from Journey's outstretched hand. He promptly tried to place it on his head but it was too small and would not actually fit down much farther than his forehead. This did not appear to bother him though since he apparently thought it was a hat and not a helmet. He cheerfully displayed it to the party with a wave of his hands. “Vonk have fancy hat now.”

Journey said, “Yes Vonk, that if a very nice hat,” which made Vonk very happy.

The party left the room with the chest and continued on their way. They found a few empty rooms but eventually came to something of interest. The room of interest was behind a broken wooden door that in truth, made as good of a window as it did a door, due to all of the cracks and holes in it. Inside the room, the party could just make out a couple of zombies standing in the far corner.

After moving a short distance from the door, the party discussed their strategy of attack. It didn't take them long to agree that Vonk should charge in first and draw the zombies attention. Once Vonk had them occupied, everyone else would move in to flank them. After Vonk hear his part of the plan, he walked away from the party and began to beat down the door. The party rushed after him and into the room.

The zombies began to shamble towards Vonk, but he moved much faster than them. He intersected them after they had only taken a couple of steps in the party's direction. This caused the rest of the party to have to carefully maneuver around the sides of the zombies since there was not enough room to flank them. In addition, the zombies ended up being much stronger than the ones they had fought before and the party had to take turns moving into the side positions to help draw some of the attention off Vonk while spreading the incoming damage between the party members.

By the end of the fight, most of the party members had been bitten or clawed by the zombies. Journey was forced to break out his healing wand, which he had been keeping for emergencies. He ended up using almost half of the healing magic left in the already well used wand.

With the zombies dead, the party was able to search the room freely. They found that they had been fighting with a large chest behind them the whole time.

“Time to do your thing Ari'el,” Journey said.

Ari'el moved forward and examined the chest for the moment and turned back to the party, “Sorry guys but I can't help with this one.”

“What do you mean?” Journey asked.

Ari'el pointed back to the chest and said, “No lock. That means I have nothing to pick.”

“There has to be some way to open it. Let me look at it,” Journey said. He walked forward examined it next. After leaning in close, he noticed some runes inscribed on lid of the chest. He tried to make them out but they didn't mean anything to him. “Waaagh, maybe you should take a look at this,” he said.

Waaagh nodded and stepped up to take a turn at the chest. He ran his hand over the runes then read aloud.

“He who makes me doesn't want me, he who buys me doesn't need me, he who uses me doesn't care.”

Waaagh stood up and scratched his chin. He had always had a fondness for riddles, which is unusual for orc. This riddle in particular scratched at the back of his mind and he felt like he had heard it before. While Waaagh thought about it, the rest of the party decided to start throwing out random words to help.

“A basket,” Journey said.

“A horse,” Ari'el tried next.

“A foot?” Vonk asked, pointing at his foot.

“I got it,” exclaimed Waaagh. He turned back to the chest and raised his hands in a grand gesture and said, “A coffin.”

The chest made a soft clink and the lid slowly opened. The party all moved forward to see what they would get from the chest. As they looked into the chest, it appeared almost empty. The only thing they could see was a matching chest piece for the “hat” Vonk now wore.

“Look Vonk, it is more of your armor,” Journey said. He planned on explaining that it was too small and suggest that someone else wear it, but he didn't have a chance to. Vonk rushed forward, took it out, and tried to put it on. The armor ended up bending and warping to fit his large frame. The problem was is that it only came around a little bit in the front and it caused him to hold his arms outstretched awkwardly to his side.

“How do Vonk look? Vonk look good?” Vonk twirled around to show off his new armor.

“Yes Vonk. It looks very comfortable too,” Journey said with a sigh. He knew that it wasn't worth trying to fight the armor away from Vonk as he appeared attached to it already.

“Is that really all there was?” Ari'el said as she inspected the chest closer. As she leaned over into the chest, she noticed something shiny on the bottom. After nearly falling into the chest, she was able to snag it. She held it out to the light to inspect and it turned out to be a ring.

“Anyone know what this is?” Ari'el asked. “I mean, besides a ring of course.”

“You think it is magical or something?” Journey asked.

“Seems like there wouldn't be just a normal rin laying here. It also looks like it has little symbols on it or something.” Ari'el said.

“Let me have a look at it,” Waaagh said. Ari'el handed him the ring and he examined it for a moment. He studied it for a moment and repeated words of power over it. The ring began to glow faintly and Waaagh closed his eyes to focus. “I believe it to be a ring of protection,” he finally decided.

“Is it alright if I use it?” Journey asked.

Everyone murmured in agreement and Journey took the ring.

“I just hope we find something else good soon,” Ari'el said.

“I think I would be happy if we just get of this dungeon,” Poppy said.

“Then we better get a move on it,” Waaagh said. He motioned back towards the door they had came in.