Adventures in the city of wishes - Holy Vodka

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We last left our adventures deep under the castle in a long forgotten place called The Below. After creatively “taking care” of a statue they have continued their exploration of the caves as they search for a way out.

The party looked at the door leading out of the room with the statue that they had just finished accidentally destroying. It is the first shut door they have came to and were weary of it. Ari'el approached it first and announced that she would check the door for traps. She did a quick inspection and declared, “Looks safe to me.”

“Are you sure?” asked Journey.

Ari'el shrugged, motioned to the door and moved aside to give the rest of the party a view of the doorway. Waaagh stepped forward, squinted at the door and said, “Are you sure this is even a door?” It was clear that he did not have much experience with locked doors or traps for that matter.

Poppy stepped up next to Waaagh to examine it as well. “You know, I think this might be a door. I just can't tell if it is locked,” she said. The party would have been more disappointed, but after Waaagh not recognizing it as a door, there was not a very high expectation.

Journey ordered Flowers to check it out, but the boar only tilted his head in confusion. With that, Journey decided to step up and look at it himself, after all, he couldn't do much worse than the rest of the party. After a close examination, he looked back at the party, raising one eyebrow in a quizzical look. Then he reached out with his hand and pressed his open palm against the old wooden door. It opened slowly with a loud creak. “It doesn't even have a lock on it. Have any of you even seen a locked door before?”

The party all shook their head in embarrassment. Journey opened the door and gestured for the others to go through. Poppy moved to go first but then stopped. She cupped a hand to her ear and listened into the dark room. She could hear the crackling of energy and she could see a strange light dancing on the walls.

“I think there is something in there. We should probably get ready for a fight,” she said as she pulled out her magic wand.

The party followed suit and readied their weapons as well. They order Vonk to the lead and quickly followed him into the room. Once inside they are able to see the source of both the light and the sound, which were one and the same. They also quickly realize that it was a good idea that they got their weapons ready as an arrow whizzed by Vonk's head and embedded itself in the wall.

Standing across the room from the party were four animated skeletons holding bows and standing in a line. They were all in the process of pulling the strings back to fire on the party again. In front of the skeletons, lighting the room with a soft glow, was a body of water about a foot deep. It was glowing with a light blue light that gave the room an eerie as the shadows danced on the walls.

Journey was the first one to jump into action. “Charge!” he yelled as he directed Flowers to attack the skeletons. Vonk, not wanting to be left behind, ran along side the boar in the charge. The two splash into the water together in an attempt to reach the skeletons as quickly as possible.

There was a bright burst of light from the pool and electricity scattered across its surface. The party watches in horror as both Vonk and Flowers are jolted by the electricity. “Oooochieeee!” Vonk yelled.

Journey calls to his boar, “Flowers, come back! Get out of that water!”

Waaagh moved to the waters edge but does not step into it. He decides to look at his inventory, trying to think of a way to get across or to attack the skeletons. Poppy raised her wand and cast a bolt of magic energy at the foot of the skeleton on the far left. A small hole appeared, which caused the skeleton to trip and fall sideways. He releases his arrow and it goes wild, connecting only with the opposite wall of the room. The push from his falling comrade causes the next skeleton to also release his arrow early. Unlike the last arrow, however, it connects with Waaagh who is only standing about 15 feet away. Ari'el returns fire by tossing a small dagger. It connects with the skeleton.

Flowers and Vonk quickly jumped out of the water on the side where they had started from. The party looked in confusion at each other as they decided what to do next. “Who has a ranged attack?” asked Journey.

“I have a few more daggers left but not many,” replied Ari'el. And she tossed another one at the enemy which connected cleanly with the skeleton. The party could see the dagger lodged in the ribcage of the skeleton but they couldn't tell if it caused any damage.

“I can keep using my wand,” Poppy said as she opened another hole under the one on the far left again. It was uneffective, however, as the skeleton seemed to expect it this time.

“I don't have any ranged attacks at all,” Journey explained to the party. Journey was standing back away from the skeletons while trying to think of something he could do to help.

“Vonk use little piggy!” Vonk said as he picked up Flowers. Before anyone could stop him, Vonk raised Flowers above his head, pulled back, then threw the frighted boar with all of his might. Flowers flew across the room and collided with one of the skeletons. The skeleton shattered under the impact. Flowers rolled and prepared to attack again.

“Vonk smash! Vonk do it!” Vonk yelled cheerfully.

“Well I guess that works,” Journey said.

“Yeah! Go get them Flowers!” Waaagh called to the boar.

The party continued their weak assault from across the room while Flowers slowly dispatched the skeletons one by one. Soon the room was silent except for the quiet hum of the strange electric water.

With the battle over, the party moved forward to examine the water. “What is that stuff anyway?” Poppy asked as she peered into the water.

After a brief debate, they decided that it was holy water that it was somehow charged with electricity. They agreed that they should have looked at it closer sooner since it probably would have made fighting the skeletons much easier. They decide to name the liquid “Holy Vodka” because it had similar properties to holy water and the fact that they all wished they were in a bar getting drunk. They filled a few flasks full of the water since they felt it would make a great weapon in the future.

The party searched the room and found a door leading out, but as they start to leave, Flowers lets out a loud squeal. The party looks back and realized that the boar was stuck on the other side of the water with the bodies of the skeletons.

“Well since you threw him over there, you have to go get him Vonk,” Journey explained to Vonk.

“Awwww,” Vonk groaned. He moved over to the water then he backed up and took a running leap, landing on the other side of the water next to the boar with ease.

“Um. So why didn't we think of doing that?” Waaagh asked.

“Holy crap,” Journey said as he shook his head. “That would have made things a lot easier.

Vonk tossed the boar back over and then jumped back over himself. He had a wide grin on his face when he made it back. “Vonk did it! Vonk not get wet!” he said proudly.

“Good job Vonk,” Ari'el said from across the room. It was clear to everyone else that she wasn't really paying attention, but the compliment made Vonk very happy nevertheless.

The party moved into the next room, ready for a fight. What the found, however, surprised them. In the center of the room was a large glowing, red crystal. It was surrounded by a group of fire beetles which appeared to be moving hot coals around it. As they watched, they could see the beetles pushing around coals that were used up and replacing them with new ones.

A dagger flew across the room and connected with one of the beetles, killing it instantly. The party looked to see Ari'el already moving into attack.

“What are you doing?” Waaagh asked. He was clearly upset that Ari'el had decided to attack, but she didn't appear to notice.

“Killing them? Duh?” Ari'el replied.

“Don't you think we should investigate a little first?” Waaagh replied angrily.

“No use arguing about it now,” Journey said as he pointed towards the beetles. It appeared that they didn't like being attacked very much and were charging the party.

The party raised their weapons and attacked. The beetles were no match and were quickly defeated. With the beetles taken care of, the party moved forward to inspect the large crystal.

After looking at the crystal, Waaagh said, “Oh, I know what this is. It is a fire gem. It stores heat and using the right command word will cause it to release the stored heat in a stream of fire.” Everyone was impressed that Waaagh recognized the gem and there was much ooohing and ahhhing and he explained it's history.

Since Waaagh had knowledge of the gem, the party decided that he would be the best one to carry it. They searched the room for more loot, but they came up empty handed. They found a long hallway in the back of the room and decided to follow it. It didn't take long before they came upon a doorway, which did have a lock on it this time.

Ari'el stepped forward, explaining to the party that she could handle a locked door with her rogue lockpicking skills. The party watched as she pulled some pins out of her hair and went to work trying to open the lock. After a few minutes there was a loud click, “I got it!” she yelled in excitement.

The party readied their weapons as Ari'el prepared to open the door. “Go ahead,” Journey said. As the door opened, the party could heard a loud mechanical click.

Ari'el jumped back from the door and let out a shriek. Spikes had emerged from the floor where Ari'el had been standing. It was clear that they had been connected to the opening of the door in some way.

“Didn't you check for traps?” Poppy asked Ari'el.

Ari'el only shook her head and cautiously stepped over the trap, not looking back at the party. The party followed and there eyes went wide as they saw the contents of the next room.

Keep reading to find out what happens next!