Being more social

I have to talk to other people? No one warned me about this! :-)

So it turns out, that in order to promote my book, I will need to become more active online. I normally just keep my online circle to a small group on Google+, but I guess it is about time to get my other social networks going. That includes making a Facebook account which I have not had in over 6 years. Crazy isn't it?

If you want to following me then just use the following links.

I don't have many friends added yet so please add me! Hopefully I can keep them all updated with what is going on. I am thinking that things will be getting more and more hectic as I approach the book launch. More on that later...

Spider Zombies!

Zombies in real life is what got me started down the path of writing "The Cure" in the first place. And while my zombies take some liberties on their contagion, they still follow something that is actually a real thing. It just doesn't affect humans... yet...

On a related note, it looks like scientists have found another zombie that occurs in nature. This one isn't as scary as a fungus explosion from the head of an insect, but it is close. Plus the things involved with this one are spiders and wasps, two things that most people don't like, even when they are not working together.

So whats the scoop? Basically that there is a wasp that inject the spider with something that causes it to do its (evil?) bidding. This is another example how chemicals and changes to body chemistry can control somethings thoughts and motivations. In this case, the spider decides that it would be a good idea to re-enforce its webs in order to host the wasp's cocoon.

For more information check out these sources:

Sweet dreams :-)

The Cure - Update

I just wanted to give everyone a quick update on my novel since it has been a while. I have been quietly editing it for a couple years now. I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do with it, but I have finally made up my mind. I am going to publish it! I am even hiring an editor and everything. Pretty exciting right?

I have a picture of the current cover right there, but I am thinking I will have a professionally made one created. I really like the one that I made, but I don't think it will stand out against the other novels. Especially when you look at just the front cover, which is all you can see for an ebook. It is tough, but I think it would help more people notice it. Any thoughts? Should I switch covers or keep the one I created?

Cover design aside, this is all pretty exciting. I am still having a hard time believe that I am doing it. I was having such a hard time deciding if my novel was good enough, but I really want to share it with everyone. I got such great feedback from everyone that has read it so far. Time to share it with everyone!

I will start posting more to this blog to keep everyone up to date as I go too so keep an eye out if you want to know more. This is so exciting!!

Cleaning up

 Denise Rowlands

It looks like I really let things go around here. I think it is about time that I clean everything up and start posting again. Hopefully I can get rid of all of these tumbleweeds. :-)

To start, I switched out the theme for this blog. I liked the last one, but it appears that the creator has disappeared. I didn't want my blog linking to a bunch of spam websites and I wasn't happy just removing the links either. In the end, I decided to just go for a new one and see how that works. It is a simple one and I might eventually switch it out again. What does everyone thing? Should I keep it?